Primer and Ancillary

Premera AE T7 LF

Premera AE T7LF is a slow drying and very thin adhesion promoter formulated using controlled chemical nanotechnology. It removes the need to sand between layers of paint and other materials. Premera AE T7LF bonds layers of material together

Premera AE T7

Premera AE T7 is a very fast drying and thin nano-adhesive intercoat or primer. T7 is very compatible with many surfaces, and many coatings. Premera AE T7 creates a molecular bridge between a coating and the substrate. Coatings that

Nukote HLT-P

Nukote HLT-P combines three important features into one treatment system: surface activation as a pre-primer, micro-crack sealing with a silica matrix, and water repellency. HLT-P provides heavy duty surface activation via a reactive

Nukote IC Prime

Nukote IC Prime is a single component, low solids, liquid applied aromatic urethane polyurea primer. It has been specifically designed and blended for use as an inter-coat adhesion primer-promoter primarily for polyurea and elastomeric

Nukote Metalprime II

Nukote Metal Prime II is a two component, 100% solids, liquid applied surface tolerant primer. This universal surface tolerant primer has been developed for use on carbon steel, non-ferrous metal, fibreglass, PVC pipe, as well as concrete

Nukote Polyprime I

Description Nukote Polyprime I is a two component 1:1 ratio, rapid setting, non-sag, liquid applied, aromatic urethane polyurea primer suitable for concrete and masonry substrates. Nukote Polyprime I is easy to apply, sets quickly, and has

Nukote Polyprime II

Description: Nukote Polyprime II is a two component 1:1 ratio, rapid setting, low temperature curing liquid applied, aromatic urethane polyurea primer suitable for metal substrates. Nukote Polyprime II is easy to apply, sets quickly, and

Nukote SPU Foam

DESCRIPTION: Nukote SPU Foam is a two-component, rigid polyurethane spray foam that is available in different densities to accommodate a broad range of applications. Nukote SPU foam is environment friendly and contains no ozone depleting

Nukote EP Prime II

Nukote EP Prime II is two component, high solids, liquid applied, low viscosity epoxy-polyamine primer surfacer with unique penetrating characteristics. It helps to seal the pores and capillaries and minimize out gassing Features: High

NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL manufactures over 73 Advanced Polymer Coating products. The product range includes Pure Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Modified Polyureas and Polyurethanes, Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyureas, Primers, and Ceramic Metal Polymers.

Our product range is derived from our proprietary and/or patented chemical formulations. We formulate products specific to application requirements modifying the products properties to improve and enhance performance in a variety of variable conditions, including abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, saltwater resistance, impact resistance, ultraviolet exposures, and so on. This provides our clients with unique solutions to their specific requirements and allows us to provide products designed specifically for oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, power generation and even entertainment industries.

The products represented below do not comprise the full breadth of our range of products but are limited to the most commonly specified formulations in our range. Many of our products are defined to exact requirements of a manufacturer or end-user and are thus not included in our electronically published data. Please click on the link below to access the data sheets incorporated into this site. For specific questions regarding product selection contact us directly at any of our regional locations.