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Nukote Coating Systems International (NCSI) manufactures a wide range of advanced polymer coating and liner products. Our extensive range of proprietary products includes PURE POLYUREAS, MODIFIED POLYUREAS, POLYURETHANES and CERAMIC METAL POLYMERS. Each product formulation is designed for a specific application type and its unique performance requirements. Our products are all high performance formulations designed to increase the longevity of our clients’ investment in facilities, infrastructure and equipment, eliminating the potential for environmental contamination and increasing productivity from their facilities and/or distribution systems. We currently manufacture these products in our own state of the art plants in the United States of America, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Peoples Republic of China. Other manufacturing locations will be operational in the next 18-months in both India and Australia.

Nukote products are distributed and applied globally through a network of affiliates that provide our clients and end-users with a complete line of polymer product solutions, regardless of their location. This network consists of individual regional companies, under a single banner, that are well known within the industry for their integrity and capabilities in over 25 separate global locations.

We are proud of our product line and stand behind each individual application, regardless of its location, maintaining regional staff and facilities around the globe to accomplish this. In fact we guarantee it, providing complete warrantees direct to our clients’ and end-users, with full insurance backing for both the product and its application, and this is unique to the industry.

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Why choose us?

True global presence and capability
Largest range of elastomeric coatings with the largest manufacturing capacity
True global presence and capability from solution design and specification to product supply through qualified application of the system selected.
Use of comprehensive solutions combining cutting edge product and robotic technologies


Local of Nukote

NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL manufactures over 73 Advanced Polymer Coating products.

The product range includes Pure Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Modified Polyureas and Polyurethanes, Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyureas, Primers, Ceramic Metal Polymers and Colloidal Silica Concrete Conditioners.

This product range allows us to provide specific solutions designed to meet unique conditions including, abrasion, chemical, hydrocarbon, impact and submersion conditions.