Power Generation

Power Generation

four primary types of power generation; thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and gas fired

Power generation and distribution solutions are a primary focus for Nukote Coating Systems. Our proven solutions in this segment include the four primary types of power generation; thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and gas fired. These project types have strict HSE and normally require remote site installations. Many of the applications require complex robotic equipment and a very high contractor skill level. Clients look to us for total solutions in these complex conditions that provide comprehensive protection for valuable assets, which operate continuously and require extended design life in high abrasion, impact and chemical exposures. Complex solutions are a key offering of our firm, which require our basic components of engineered specifications, superior products, cutting edge coating equipment and the highest levels of professional application contractors.

Typical solutions for this segment include:

Hazardous Containment: Chemicals, hydrocarbons and nuclear waste
Primary Containment: Dams, process basins, chemical storage
Abrasion Protection: Pen Stocks, sluiceways and equipment components
Corrosion Protection: Gates, valves, scrubbers, structural components
Gas Containment: Reactor domes and process systems

Reference Clients for this segment include:

Tokyo Electric Fukashima Japan
DOE: Hanford Washington USA
EDF: France
Con Edison: New York USA
China Power: China
Arizona Power: Arizona USA

This market segment can have the highest complexity of any industry and requires client specific design criteria and product acceptance Client specific data and application parameters must be incorporated into a correct specification and product offering. To review relevant technical data or project profiles, case studies and other information, go to go to our Affiliates Page and request access to our technical data base.


NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL maintains a vast library of technical and marketing data for use by our staff, affiliated companies and key clients.

If you are not an NCSI staff member or contract affiliate and wish to access the data, please send us a request form and we will revert within 48-hours.

Our product range is derived from our proprietary and/or patented chemical formulations. We formulate products specific to application requirements modifying the products properties to improve and enhance performance in a variety of variable conditions, including abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, saltwater resistance, impact resistance, ultraviolet exposures, and so on. This provides our clients with unique solutions to their specific requirements and allows us to provide products designed specifically for oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, power generation and even entertainment industries.

The products represented below do not comprise the full breadth of our range of products but are limited to the most commonly specified formulations in our range. Many of our products are defined to exact requirements of a manufacturer or end-user and are thus not included in our electronically published data. Please click on the link below to access the data sheets incorporated into this site. For specific questions regarding product selection contact us directly at any of our regional locations.