Premera AE T7

Premera AE T7 is a very fast drying and thin nano-adhesive intercoat or primer. T7 is very compatible with many surfaces, and many coatings. Premera AE T7 creates a molecular bridge between a coating and the substrate. Coatings that ordinarily cannot bond to a surface are now able to.


  • Removes the need to sand or mechanically abrade substrates or coatings before applying the next layer.
  • Provides strong bonding to the hard to bond surfaces
  • Very fast drying adhesion promoter
  • Provides Covalent bonding at a molecular level and becomes one with the surface they are applied to and create a superior barrier
  • Can be used on almost any substrate – concrete, steel, wood, stones, tiles and fabric
  • Penetrate the surface of the substrate
  • Virtually invisible
  • Repel moisture, stains and mold from within the substrate. Long-lasting, easy to clean
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended life of the substrate


  • Serves as adhesion layer between coating and substrate, or between two coatings
  • Can be applied on Painted or unpainted iron; aluminum, copper and other metals; hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel; powder coated and galvanized surfaces; wood, rubber, plastic, fiberglass and glass.


Clear to slight straw yellow liquid


1 quarts, 1 gallon buckets, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes


Calculation for theoretical coverage: 900 – 1500 Ft2 /gal @ Recommended spread rate 1 – 1.5 mils Wet, 0.4 – 0.9 mils Dry


Twelve to Twenty-four months in factory delivered, unopened drums. Store on pallets and keep away from extreme heat, freezing, and moisture. Store at temperatures between 50 °F and 80 °F (10 °C and 27 °C).


Ready to use. There is no need for mixing or diluting.

TECHNICAL DATA (All values @ 77 ºF / 25 ºC) US Metric
Volatile organic compounds (ASTM D2369) < 0.27 lb./gal < 32 gm/ liter
Theoretical coverage 900 – 1500 Ft2 /gal @ 0.4-0.9 mils DFT 22-37 m²/liter @ 10-23 microns
Specific Gravity of materials (ASTM D792) 7.6 lbs./gal 0.91 kg/ liter
Shelf life @ 77 ºF /25 ºC 12-24 Months 12-24 Months
Flash point – pensky martin <77 ºF < 25 ºC
Application Temperature 45 – 104 ºF 7 – 40 ºC
PROCESSING PROPERTIES (Under standard lab conditions)
Touch Dry 1 minutes
Dry Through 10-15 minutes
Recoat interval 10-15 minutes
Properties  and  values are highly  dependent on  equipment, spray gun, mix chamber temperature,  pressure and related parameters. Values are slightly different for clear. Variations are possible and expected.


Make sure the surface is clean, dry, in sound condition, and free of any contaminants including oil, dust, grease, dirt, and silicone sealers. Apply T7 in an ambient temperature between 7-40 degrees Celsius, 90% RH or less, and, if applying outdoors, make sure that there will be no rain or dew for 5 hours after completing the coating process. Wind may affect the quality of the finish and it may be necessary to erect a windshield. T7 may be sprayed, rolled or brushed. Best results and greater coverage are achieved when it is sprayed.


– Spraying:

Use a portable alcohol and acetone-proof sprayer with a grey or red tip or and HVLP spray gun with a 1.0 size tip and the pressure set at approximately 25 psi. Spray test-patterns until you achieve an elongated pattern 20-25 cm long and 5 cm wide in the middle with sufficient fluid to cover but not to puddle. Work with a waste bucket so that you start and finish your spraying in the bucket and avoid drips on the surface being coated. When you are satisfied with the spray pattern apply one coat to the surface in a cross-hatch pattern to provide sufficient even coverage.

– Rolling:

Use an ultra-smooth high-density foam roller and apply T7 as quickly as possible in a cross-hatch pattern. Do not press down on the roller.

– Brushing:

Use a good-quality brush and choose a size suitable for the area to be coated.

Apply T7 in a cross-hatch pattern. Do not over-work the coating. Keep the lid on the tin to stop evaporation.


After application, equipment should be cleaned by pouring a solvent (acetone, methyl acetate, TBA, or similar) into device and spraying out to “flush out” any remaining product from the lines. After one flush out, repeat for 2 total flushes.


As treated and untreated surfaces look similar, finish work on an obvious point such as a corner or mark where you have stopped. When you start work again you can apply over the dry edge without sanding.

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Premera AET7 SDS
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